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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Stores in Utah

If you are searching for luxury vinyl flooring near you in Salt Lake City, UT, you’re not alone! Luxury vinyl is quickly becoming a flooring staple, with everyone from homeowners to businesses opting for this innovative product. At Giant Carpet One Floor & Home in Salt Lake City, Sandy, Orem, and Ogden, Utah, we carry modern vinyl flooring that flawlessly emulates real hardwood, tile, and stone.

Did you know? Most customers can’t tell the difference between our hardwood and tile flooring and our luxury vinyl flooring! Vinyl flooring isn’t like linoleum–it looks and feels like real hardwood and tile, this flooring option is carefully designed to look exceptionally real. You can even grout our luxury vinyl tiles. Considering luxury vinyl flooring for your space? Keep reading to learn more about this flooring option and why we love it!

Types of Luxury Vinyl

While in the past, only sheet vinyl was available, we now offer two additional types of vinyl: luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP). Vinyl planks come in the form of long flexible panels that are laid just like real hardwood, while vinyl tiles are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes mirroring real ceramic, porcelain, and stone flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile offers the following benefits:

Luxury Vinyl Planks offer the following benefits:

Is Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?

In some cases, yes! All of our luxury vinyl products offer some level of moisture resistance. However, we also offer 100% waterproof vinyl specially designed for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, and other high-moisture areas. Waterproof vinyl floors have several key features that make them 100% moisture protected:

First, they have a durable, synthetic design that keeps them from swelling and warping when exposed to too much water and humidity. Second, they also have a quick-drying, stain-resistant surface and leak-tight seams. This provides peace of mind for pet owners and active families with young children. Waterproof vinyl planks and tiles are also popular in commercial spaces, such as restaurants, downtown offices, hospitality businesses, and much more.

Where Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed?

Luxury vinyl can be installed virtually anywhere! This flooring is a kid-friendly option that is pet-proof and able to handle spills, stains, and wear. It’s also budget-friendly and yet stylish enough to be installed in virtually any room, from your main bedroom to your bathroom and kitchen. We also have commercial vinyl plank flooring and tiles that are perfect for any business setting. Finally, we offer select warranties on all our installed flooring options.

Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

At Giant Carpet One Floor & Home, We carry a vast selection of stylish luxury vinyl products, including wood, tile, and stone vinyl flooring. You will find trendy options like extra-wide plank vinyl flooring with weathered texturing for a rustic appearance, as well as a variety of other looks. Our experts are here to listen to your design ideas and help you find the best tile or LVP flooring for your space. In addition to top brands, we also have competitive vinyl flooring prices for premium quality products.

Read to install your dream flooring? visit to one of our Utah showrooms, or start browsing our online selection of luxury vinyl flooring. We have locations in Ogden, Orem, Salt Lake City, and Sandy, Utah.

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